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BBC Television

The Client

The BBC is a large, long established, publicly funded organisation and shares many of the Leadership and Management challenges of large organisations such as implementing cultural change, setting organisation direction, managing performance, embracing new ways of working, developing people, challenging traditional routines and delivering efficiencies within an environment where public accountability, unions and regulation are very significant.

The Challenge

To match the BBC’s requirements and to identify individuals’ Leadership and Management development needs, we conducted a two stage learning needs analysis consisting of:

  • Tailor made 360 degree feedback which was developed to reflect and complement existing BBC HR/training processes and to reflect the skills defined in the BBC’s Leadership and Management Competency Framework 
  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator profiles with participants.

This analysis enabled us to work with individual Managers to create effective plans for rapid personal development and informed our development of an appropriate mix of learning experiences. Informed by the diagnostic tools used in the Management and Leadership Needs Analysis, we worked in partnership with the participants and the Head of Technology to develop a programme to improve their approach to leading and managing across the key areas of: Financial Performance; Business Performance; Vision and Mission; Staff Development.  

To achieve this we designed a blended delivery approach consisting of:

  • Six group master class learning events facilitated by a subject matter expert
  • Individual coaching
  • Group coaching with action learning sets
  • Project based learning
  • Regular review meetings to discuss progress against objectives 
  • Evaluation of outcomes

The baseline information from the diagnostic tools enabled us to agree meaningful and realistic key performance indicators for the participants and the programme overall. This was tracked through regular reflective feedback and review.  

At the end of the programme 360 feedback was again gathered with the same stakeholders to measure the progress the Managers have made in the eyes of their internal and external customers. This and other evaluation feedback was presented to the BBC team. 

Final Outcomes

The success of the programme has manifested in the subsequent integration of the Technology and Operations Units. This is enabling a further successful wave of change to take place that is helping to achieve significant convergence efficiencies. The programme achieved very high levels of client satisfaction and has enabled changes within the department that have yielded significant benefits such as an overall 10% cost saving, successful introduction of station wide digital desktop production facilities and support for re-organisation across Technology and Operations.

Why Parity Professionals?

Parity Professionals approach to designing training is consultative and is achieved through engagement with the client (both the commissioning manager and the participants) to ensure that the training effectively addresses the needs of the organisation, the participating managers and the needs of the staff they lead and manage.


“Parity Professionals worked closely with our management team to develop and deliver a programme that supported us through a period of sustained change. The customised programme we created together has enabled us to successfully tackle a range of challenges and we are well equipped to continue our transformational journey to become a leading enabler of digital media production and support across the BBC.”


    Parity Professionals works with its clients to bring out the best in their businesses by identifying, developing and retaining the right talent to meet their business objectives.
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