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Our Approach

Many Services.  A Single-minded Approach.

While our range of services is diverse, our approach is single minded.

Whatever your training and development needs, we will always aim to partner your business: to work with and as part of your team to fully understand your challenges and issues and work in partnership with you to deliver value add solutions.

We begin by listening, getting an understanding of what you want, and translating that into what you need.

We will always make sure we have a clear understanding of what it is you want to work with us on, doing preliminary research and investigating potential issues, before we embark on any design or development. This is essential to ensuring the smooth running of any projects, avoiding potentially costly errors and maximising your investment.

So while we understand the importance of laying solid foundations to any project, we always also aim to be flexible and agile, open to new ideas and to adapt our thinking to accommodate new and innovative ways of working.

With all of this in mind, we see good lines of communication as key to success. So we’ll work with you to co-create by developing a trusted partner relationship where there is mutual understanding and respect, so maximising the value of what we both bring to the table.

And while we’re most comfortable working with you as a partner, monitoring and modifying as we go, we also appreciate the business benefits of working as a third party and sole deliverer: taking the pressure off your team and getting the best value from your investment.

We see celebrating, certificating and validating, where appropriate, training and learning opportunities as central to the success of the exercise - it’s good for your people, for your business and reassuring for everyone that we delivered what we set out to deliver.

Though, most importantly, we are only satisfied when you are.

Our Services

Graduate Talent Development

We provide a wide range of graduate talent development solutions, ranging from internship and placement programmes to talent recruitment programmes that has graduate skills development at its core.  We work with clients to identify talent, develop skills and support early career development.

Employability Skills Development

We work with Education Sector partners and Institutions to design and develop skills development programmes, aimed at developing student potential, leaders of the future and preparing our 16-24 talent for the world of work.  These programmes are steeped in behavioural and attitudinal skills enhancement, together with life skills and leadership development.

Management Development Programmes

Our management development suite, for both new and experienced managers, is designed to build managerial capability, skills, behaviours and attitudes. We work closely with our clients to help your managers to add more value and to be more effective.  We recognise that this is a journey and therefore our programmes are tailored accordingly, to suit the needs of your people and your business.

We also offer a range of open programmes, with a focus on specific management skills, such as project management, sales management and team development.

Leadership Development Programmes

We design our programmes with you to address your commercial needs, but with a real focus on building leadership capability at all levels within your organisation.  We co-create and in some instances co-deliver, but our real focus is on helping and supporting your people to make the transition from manager to leader, or in supporting your senior leaders to build high performing teams and in adding more value to your organisation.

Our programmes are heavily practically orientated and focus on business improvement projects in your organisation, providing a transparent return on investment.

Management & Executive Coaching

We provide a wide range of coaching interventions across the management spectrum and with senior leaders of organisations.  Our coaching model is well established with a validated methodology that delivers results.   Our interventions are paced at the appropriate level and may be short or longer term packages that are designed to suit individual needs.

Career Management Services

Linked to our performance management coaching interventions, or indeed as a stand alone intervention, we provide bespoke workshops, 1:1 career coaching interventions, together with testing and profiling to help support career development at all levels.

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