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Learning & Development

Growing your people. Developing your Business.

The world of work is changing. Your industry – and your competitors – are innovating faster than ever to meet the increased demands of their clients and customers. Every employee, associate and partner is being challenged to continuously adapt to ensure they’re capable of playing their part in achieving sustainable business results.

In these tough, competitive and uncertain times, the question is not can you afford to look inside your organisation for ways to lead, manage and work better, smarter and leaner. The question is, can you afford not to?

We develop exceptional people who can consistently sustain high performance levels to achieve measurable business results.  We offer a wide range of solutions and programmes that are designed with you to get the best out of your people. Our award winning solutions can be tailored to meet your business challenges by building knowledge, competence and capability.

Our innovative and bespoke talent development solutions include:

  • Graduate talent development
  • Employability skills development
  • Management Development programmes
  • Leadership Development programmes
  • Management and Executive Coaching
  • Career Management services

Key Services

Graduate Talent Development – graduate talent development; Graduate employability skills programmes; Career transition programmes; Graduate talent management, attraction and development solutions; Graduate placement schemes.

Employability Skills Development -  16-24 development/transition solutions; Developing student potential; Leaders of the Future programmes; Work placements and internships;  Under-graduate skills development and careers planning.

Management Development Programmes – bespoke management development programmes; blended learning solutions; Team development; Project Management Development programmes; Sales Management Development; Skills development, Accredited Programmes.

Leadership Development Programmes – High potential programmes; Leaders of the Future; Bespoke leadership solutions; Top Team development programmes; Accredited programmes.

Management & Executive Coaching – Coaching interventions; Assessment tools and profiling; Performance and Personal coaching

Career Management Services – Careers transition services; Employability skills development; Graduate employment services; Skills profiling.

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