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Tips on how to recruit the right staff

Recruitment decisions can make or break a business. But what is meant by the ‘right’ employee, and how do you find them?

As any successful manager will confirm, their own talent lies in identifying the talents of others and applying them in the most effective way possible to meet the objective of their organisation.

It is by recruiting the right person for the role that engagement soars, plans come to fruition and businesses prosper. Recruiting the wrong person, however, will have the reverse effect. For this reason, it is worth investing the effort to get your staff recruitment absolutely right.

Here are some suggestions that will help:

Define the role to be filled

Rather than focusing your candidate selection on collating and sifting through a mountain of CVs, take time to consider the precise nature of the position to be filled. Imagine all the tasks and responsibilities that would be carried out by the ideal candidate. Then start to search for the person that best fits the role you have defined.

There’s more to staff than skills

Rather than recruiting a worker, you are recruiting a person. A person with character, emotions and social skills. So don’t be blinkered by focusing on qualifications alone. While qualifications are essential, it is by selecting the person as a whole that you will find someone who will gel harmoniously with the rest of the team and your customers.

Real-life is the best experience

When interviewing candidates, ask open-ended questions that encourage them to describe real-life situations where they have tackled issues similar to the ones they might come across in your business. This is known as competency-based interviewing and reveals a lot about their approach to the work, as well as their skills and experience.

Disregard personal bias

Personal bias is often subconscious but can still have a powerful influence on a person’s decision-making. Allowing any preconceptions to shape your candidate selection process will skew the outcome away from the ideal solution. To prevent this from happening, it is wise to involve a diverse range of people in the selection process and collect data that can be viewed dispassionately.

When a vacancy needs to be filled, it is a natural urge to fill it as quickly as possible. However, it is worth the short-term inconvenience of finding the right person for a role instead of employing the wrong person and then having long-term regrets.

At Parity Professionals we understand the importance of recruiting the right staff. We know that when you hire the right staff, most other business concerns take care of themselves – and when you hire the wrong staff, it can have negative repercussions throughout the whole organisation. With our help, you will fill vacancies to build a workforce of exceptional talents, driving the success of each individual and the organisation as a whole.

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