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Who we help

We’ve helped all kinds of places to find all kinds of people. What can we do for you?

Over the last 40 years, we’ve helped many diverse kinds of companies, from SMEs to major internationals, to find people that have helped them to grow and thrive.

We’ve done that on a permanent basis, with contractors and interims, and for Graduates.

But what we do best is managing the recruitment of professionals, where we consistently meet the high standards our clients demand.

We have particular expertise is in sourcing IT and Project Management Professionals in the private and public sectors. Plus, we have exceptional experience of bringing together clients and academia to identify and develop the best talent.

We’ve also driven many professional careers, accelerating the effectiveness of talented individuals with enhanced coaching and mentoring services.

Core Skills

  • Information Technology
  • Project and Programme Management
  • Business Change and Transformation
  • Graduates


  • Government, Health and wider Public Sector
  • Finance
  • Transport
  • Energy and Utilities
  • FMCG

How We Can Help

    Parity Professionals works with its clients to bring out the best in their businesses by identifying, developing and retaining the right talent to meet their business objectives.
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