How to succeed in your first month in a new job


How to succeed in your first month in a new job

22 Feb 00:00 by Katie Duke MCIM - Parity


The first month in a new job can seem like a minefield and it may take you a little time to settle in to a new company, with new colleagues and most importantly getting your head around your new job.

Here are some tips to make sure you set a good impression in the first month to your new employer.

  • Listen – when you go in to a new job it is crucial that you listen to what your manager is telling you. When you join most companies, you will go through an induction process which will usually take up to a week, take this opportunity to suck up as much information as you can about who is who, how the company works and ask lots of questions.
  • Get objectives from your manager – A new job can be daunting and there’s nothing worse than not knowing what is expected of you. If your manager doesn’t set objectives, ask them what they want you to achieve in your first month.
  • Be proactive – In your first month you don’t want to become known as a plodder or lazy, you should take this time to be proactive in learning what you need to do, making sure you get in on time (or early!) and being friendly.
  • Demonstrate a willingness to learn – There is nothing worse than someone who comes in going on about how their old work did things. You are in a new job, systems may be different, you might not like the new way you’re expected to work. What employers like to see is a flexible attitude and willingness to learn. You’ll find that once you have demonstrated your worth and established yourself they will be much more open to hearing your suggestions
  • Regular feedback meetings – As a newbie feedback is important so you can address any problems and find out how you are doing. You should take this opportunity to talk about what you feel you’ve excelled at and what you’ve found harder to do and seek advice for next time you have to do that specific task.
  • Get involved in the brew round! – Yes, we British like a good cup of tea and that means even the new person should get involved. If anything, it means you will speak with your colleagues and they will notice you making an effort with them.

Hopefully these tips will help some of you in new roles. My final tip is to be enthusiastic and push yourself to over achieve what is expected of you at the start.