The career Path of a Software Engineer


The career Path of a Software Engineer

29 May 13:00 by Katie Duke


Prospects for software engineers have never been so positive. So what route should software engineers follow to make the most of the opportunities that are available to them?

Software engineering is a fulfilling and potentially lucrative career choice. Responsible for designing, constructing, testing and maintaining software systems, software engineers are increasingly in demand by a wide range of employers.

The basics

Software developers usually have a degree in computer science or similar. Although writing code is not the only aspect of the job, it is essential to have proven computer programming skills in at least one of the core programming languages, such as Java, C++ and Python. Some software engineers begin their career as computer programmers, moving on to become developers after they have gained the necessary experience.

Careers for software engineers can be in any industry, so sector-specific experience can also be an advantage. Finding work as a software engineer in the finance sector, for example, is easier if you possess an understanding of banks’ computing needs.

Career progression

The career starting point for a graduate is usually that of Junior Software Engineer. This involves writing code and developing applications, typically under the supervision of a team leader.

After gaining sufficient experience, a Junior Software Engineer may move into the Software Engineer role. Here, they have the freedom to create their own code without as much supervision. They also have more involvement in the overall project, which feeds back into their programming solutions.         

The next step in the software engineer’s career is a role with greater responsibility. A Senior Software Engineer takes more accountability for the software development process and is expected to write complex code and develop entire applications. The Senior Software Engineer would supervise Junior Software Engineers and provide help and advice to the rest of the team.

Future outlook

The growth in demand for software engineers is largely down to the growth in demand for software. Mobile technology, in particular, has opened up a whole new industry that didn’t exist a decade or so ago. All areas of business now depend on software to carry out their day-to-day activities, and rely on software engineers to keep on producing innovative solutions to satisfy their strategic needs.

As more and more products are developed that rely on software – from cars to children’s toys – software engineers will enjoy new opportunities to utilise their skills. At Parity Professionals, we match software engineering skills with challenging projects to help candidates advance their career. As new openings arise, you can rely on Parity Professionals to help you find that next important step on your career path.