5 steps to finding a new job


5 steps to finding a new job

31 Aug 09:00 by Katie Duke

Steps to finding a new job

Finding a new job can be a difficult and daunting prospect, but with these top tips, your job searching strategy will be on course for success.

A survey by The Institute of Leadership and Management found that one-third of British workers planned to look for a new position last year. If that sounds like you, the following guidelines will help to make sure your positive intentions lead to a successful outcome.

1. Collate your capabilities

Don’t define yourself by your past or present role. Instead, look at the specific skills, strengths, and passions that you can bring to a new position. And don’t undersell yourself. Draw on your previous experiences, time spent overseeing a team at a fast food restaurant, for example, is not experience in ‘fast food’, it is experienced in ‘team management’.

2. Know what you want

Don’t launch a major career move based only on dissatisfaction with your current position. You need to be absolutely clear about why you want to move. For example, it may be to achieve an increase in salary, to move to a more convenient location or fulfill untapped potential. Whatever the reason, you need to identify the motivating factor or factors for your move. Once you know what you want, you can plan how to get it.

3. Fine tune your personal brand

Your personal brand is the message you convey in all your communications and actions. Developing a clear and consistent brand gives employees a precise understanding of what you have to offer. From honing your CV to target a particular position with laser precision to making sure online material, such as social media, is strictly on-message, every chance to be seen is a chance to show your brand and sell yourself.

4. Search proactively

Landing your dream job does not mean simply looking at vacancies in the hope that it will be there waiting for you. By enlisting the help of a recruiter like Parity Professionals you increase your chances of finding the perfect role. Many vacancies aren’t advertised, and sometimes there is no vacancy, our team of dedicated recruiters will proactively approach companies on your behalf immediately making you stand out.

5. Prepare for the interview

Before you finally meet the people you need to impress to secure your new position, plan how you will express your skills, strengths, and passions. Practice answering possible questions and asking questions of your own. The questions you ask at the end of the interview offer an opportunity to take control of the conversation and demonstrate why they should employ you. 

Whether you’re looking to move up, move sideways or take a leap into uncharted territory, finding a new position could be the best move you ever make. With our help, you’ll be able to market yourself effectively to the people that matter. Contact us now to turn your dream job into a reality or take a look at our latest roles.