5 tips for recruiting superstar developers


5 tips for recruiting superstar developers

27 Nov 12:00 by Katie Duke

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When it comes to hiring the best software engineers, how can you compete with the tech giants? Here are five tips to ensure your developers are at the bleeding edge of coding.

Whether your organisation requires smartphone apps, a more intuitive website or improved working methods, effective coding is key to achieving a successful outcome. That is why good software engineers are in demand. But with the big tech companies luring the brightest and best with high salaries and attractive perks, what can you do to recruit the superstar developers?

1. Think ahead

Technology is constantly evolving. It is impossible to employ someone with years of experience in a particular technology if that technology has only been around for a year or so. The most valuable developers, therefore, are not necessarily the ones with expertise in prevailing technology, they are the ones with the agility to anticipate and adapt to the changing technological environment.

2. Build a team

The best software is not created by a single hacker working all hours on their own, it is created by a team. Superstar developers work with others to create big, comprehensive solutions, and that requires a mixed team of talents where individual strengths benefit the entire group. Expertise gets shared among individuals, leveraging the performance of the team as a whole and delivering more effective solutions.

3. Offer growth

Superstar developers become superstars because they are always eager to learn. They are not just looking for a job. They want an opportunity to grow. Software engineers are known for being highly mobile, moving swiftly from job to job. But if they know you will invest in making them a better developer, they are more likely to stay. Of course, learning and development doesn’t just benefit the recipient, it benefits your business too.

4. Be distinctive

If you are a small company competing with the tech giants for the best developers, your uniqueness can be your trump card. Coders don’t want to be a tiny cog in a huge machine, weighed down by endless meetings, appraisals and paperwork. They want their coding to have a direct impact, and smaller organisations are the place to find substantial projects without the stifling bureaucracy.

5. Make a difference

The best developers are motivated by the work, not necessarily the pay. They may be negotiable on salary if it means greater job satisfaction. Given the choice between working at Facebook on yet another fun app for teenage girls or working for a less prestigious company on something that makes a real difference, such as a system that helps schools function more efficiently, it is the latter that would attract the premium candidates.

Recruiting a developer can be a make or break judgment for your organisation. Successfully completed software projects have a lasting impact on a business, as do poorly implemented projects. With Parity Professionals to help you sort the genuine superstars from the flash-in-the-pans, you can be sure that your next software project will in the very best of hands.

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