Top Tips for Skype Interviews


Top Tips for Skype Interviews

18 Dec 15:00 by Katie Duke


New to interviewing? It's common nowadays for companies to use telephone interview to screen candidates in the early stages of the recruitment process, but increasing in popularity is the Skype interview.

Candidates should prepare for a Skype interview like any other interview; so here are our Top Tips to help you prepare for yours:  

  1. Make sure you dress the part, listen carefully to the questions asked, act in a professional manner at all times and make sure you maintain eye contact.
  2. Just like you would with your email address, make sure your username is professional.
  3. Be aware of your surroundings, preferably sit at a desk with your CV and a pen and paper to hand to jot down notes and ensure you have quiet and that you will not be disturbed.
  4. Avoid avoidable tech glitches by practising beforehand and use a headset,
  5. Listen carefully to what is being asked and answer questions with confidence.
  6. Don’t be afraid to pause. Interviewers will expect silences whilst you consider your response, be positive and project your confidence by smiling. This will also help you to relax.
  7. As with any interview, prepare a handful of good questions to ask the interviewer at the end of the session, such as questions about the challenges of the role, interview steps and company objectives.
  8. Know your CV - as candidates, you need to be familiar with your CV i.e. education and experience. The interviewer will be looking to match candidates against the job content. Also, be familiar with the job description and what is involved and required for the post. Have good examples ready to impress
  9. Research the company and its culture prior to the interview. Make notes. The interviewer cannot see what you have written down. Use this to your advantage!
  10. End positively, always thank the interviewer for their time and express your interest in the role. Reiterate specifically the elements of the role which interested you most and don’t be afraid to ask what happens next.