The Role of a Social Media Manager


The Role of a Social Media Manager

22 Jan 16:00 by Katie Duke


any companies now recognise the incredible value and benefit of social media marketing. Social marketing drives quality traffic and supports sales by driving leads & sales, social media marketing also plays an important role in boosting the online reputation of a business.
Social Media managers are generally responsible for the day-to-day management of content across social media and websites. If you are agency side, you may spend time a lot of your time working directly with clients planning campaigns, if you are an internal manager, then you are will be a lot more hands on.

The primary focus for social media managers is usually social media campaigns (paid and organic), as well as supporting content, there is also an opportunity in some roles to contribute to paid search and SEO work as well. This role can be hands-on depending on the size of the organisation.

Key responsibilities of social media managers include:

  • Content ideation, creation and curation, this may include briefing creative teams

  • Create a content editorial calendar to manage content and plan targeted, timely marketing campaigns

  • Promote content through social advertising

  • Manage social media channels

  • Manage and liaise with social influencers and content partners

  • Benchmark and report on social media campaign performance setting and measuring KPIs and metrics

  • If Agency side - assisting in the development and implementation of client strategies

  • Developing learning in all areas of content marketing and keeping on industry developments

To be a social media manager, you need to be a creative thinker, with a passion for social media, content marketing. As with many marketing roles today, it’s useful to be an all-rounder in terms of skills. You will need to be adept at creating content for different audiences and have a natural flair for written communication. Lastly, as a Social Media Manager, you should always be learning as social and digital marketing is constantly innovating.