Why your employer brand matters


Why your employer brand matters

08 Jan 14:00 by Katie Duke

Employer Brand

How your organisation is perceived by prospective employees is key to your success in attracting top talent in a crowded market.

Whether you like it or not, your organisation’s reputation as an employer – good or bad, right or wrong – will be one of the key deciding factors when job seekers choose which companies they would like to be part of, and which they would not.

A well-defined employer brand demonstrates the purpose and direction of your organisation and gives current and future employees a vision of where their career can take them.

Attract top talent that fits your brand

Spreading the word of an employer’s reputation has become easier than ever, largely due to the increased use of social media, and it has never been more important. Communicating the attractiveness of your business to potential recruits is an essential step towards hiring the best people.

The absence of an effective employer brand is likely to result in large numbers of potential employees being unaware of what you have to offer as a company. The under-40s, in particular, correlate their desire to work for an organisation with its employer brand.

Reach beyond the job seekers

Expressing a clear, consistent brand, will help attract candidates that align themselves with the same values as yours. They will think of your company as a good place to work. When an organisation’s brand resonates with all its employees they become your brand ambassadors, they are then likely to share their experience with others. This can be prompted by encouraging employees to share company-related updates and images on social media

As the majority of talent lays beyond those actively seeking a new job, one way we tap into talent is by reaching out to the more passive candidates. At Parity Professionals, we build long-term relationships with our candidates which results in a pool of passive candidates waiting for their perfect role.

Effectively communicating your organisation’s purpose and personality to create the right impression with new and existing employees is something Parity Professionals are experts at. From the recruitment of new employees and the onboarding process, once they begin work, to their long-term career development, Parity Professionals know that your employer brand matters.