Developer Insights 2018


Developer Insights 2018

15 Mar 15:00 by Katie Duke MCIM - Parity


Stack Overflow has released its annual study of the development industry. The company says its 2018 edition represents the ‘largest ever’ study of developer attitudes, salaries, and demographics with over 100,000 taking part in the 30-minute survey, up from 64,000 last year.

Joel Spolsky, CEO of Stack Overflow, says:

“Today, every company is a technology company. Without developers, the economy would not evolve at the pace we’re seeing today.

They are the architects of code that empower our everyday lives, and the people responsible for teaching machines how to think. The findings of this survey are indispensable for businesses as they look to enable their tech workforce and attract the best developer talent.”

Python has risen up the ranks of programming languages this year, surpassing C# in popularity, much like it surpassed PHP last year, but its JavaScript (69.8%) topping the most used technology, while Rust heads up the number 1 spot of the most loved technology for the third year running, closely followed by Kotlin (75.1%). No surprise that Visual Basic 6 tops the most dreaded list again in 2018 with 89.9% closely followed by Cobol (84.1%).

When it comes to competition for talent, only 16% of developers are actively looking for a job, but about three-fourths of developers are open to hearing about new job opportunities. Priorities have shifted this year - the number 1 priority for developers when considering a move is ‘compensation and benefits offered’ (18.3%) followed closely by ‘The languages, frameworks, and other technologies I'd be working with’ (17.3%) a change to the top spot from last year when number 1 with 53.3% said ‘remote options were a top priority.’ (now at number 3).

What hasn't changed is the continued enthusiasm for a career in development ...

If you would like to read the full report visit Stack Overflow.