Why you need a personal brand


Why you need a personal brand

30 May 10:00 by Katie Duke


In an increasingly competitive jobs market, the way you package and present your talents and personal qualities has a huge impact on your chances of successfully securing your ideal role.

We are all familiar with strong corporate brands, such as Apple, Nike and BMW. Their brands tell us - the consumers, what we can expect from the company, what makes them different from the rest of the marketplace and what we will be investing our time and money in.

Prospective employees are also selling a ‘product’ to their potential employer - themselves. In the same way as Apple, Nike and the rest, the route to securing a competitive edge is to develop a personal brand that communicates what makes you unique and worth investing in. This involves you carrying out a forensic audit of all your strengths and capabilities, and then assembling them into a distinctive and appealing proposition.

Building your personal brand

However, thinking of ‘you’ as the product and developing a personal marketing message does not come naturally to most people. Here are some ways to stimulate the self-marketing process:

What grabs your interest? 

Whether it’s listening to opera, playing football or collecting stamps, there will be aspects of your personal passion that will resonate with the job specifications of your ideal career. It may be attention to detail, a determination to succeed or a talent for making friends with people you have only just met – think laterally and you will be surprised how much crossover there is between a hobby and your planned career.

What makes you distinctive? 

When many candidates have similar qualifications for the role, it can be your unique style that differentiates you from the rest. Possessing a creative flair, for example, is a desirable quality for most careers. Whether you want to be an artist or an accountant, creative thinking gives your skills an added dimension.

How do you want to be perceived?

This can take into account everything from what you wear to how your attitude comes across to others. Think what will help you to be more confident and help you to communicate more effectively when meeting people directly, and build it into your personal brand. In a survey from Jobvite, 90% of recruiters said they conducted online research on potential candidates.  

Tailor your brand to your audience

Different aspects of your personal brand can be emphasised for different employers. Just as when you visit a store, you don’t want staff delivering a sales spiel for every single product in the building, you should tailor your pitch to focus on those parts of your personal brand that are most likely to gain a positive impression with the person assessing your application.

Making the right first impression is crucial to avoiding missed career opportunities. So is using a recruitment agency like Parity Professionals. We get to know your personal brand and give it the promotion it deserves.