B/E Aerospace


BE Aerospace Case Study

The client.

B/E Aerospace is the world’s leading manufacturer of aircraft cabin interior

products. B/E Aerospace designs, develops and manufactures a broad range of products for both commercial aircraft and business jets. A dynamic global organisation, B/E Aerospace’s people need to demonstrate that they can positively influence the organiastion, collaborate effectively across teams and functions and achieve exceptional results.

The challenge.

The B/E Aerospace engaged Parity Professionals to co-create a programme

that would;

  • Attract and recruit high calibre Team Leaders with the right skills, competencies, potential and attitude
  • Identify internal ‘high potential’ Team Leaders
  • Develop these Team Leaders to lead high performing teams and achieve operational objectives
  • Enable and empower Team Leaders to take operational decisions, freeing up Business Unit Managers and Directors to focus on strategic issues to enable B/E Aerospace to continue to grow and thrive in challenging market conditions
  • Provide a talent pipeline for Management positions which reduces costly external recruitment

Solution and approach.

The ‘Step Up’ Programme consisted of the following key elements;

1)  Attraction & Recruitment

The attraction process involved two distinct strands of

attraction of external applicants to the posts of Trainee Manufacturing Leaders; and attraction of internal applicants to the Step Up Programme . The solution delivered by Parity Professionals consisted of marketing of the opportunities (internally and externally), short-listing of applications, aptitude testing, psychometric testing and assessment centre,and final stage panel interview.

2)  Focused Workshops

12 focused workshops were delivered over the 15 months providing learners with ‘knowledge packets’ and the opportunity to try out new skills in a supportive

environment through examples, simulations, case studies, action learning and shared experiences. Throughout the programme learners were encouraged to internalise reflective feedback to build on self-awareness, build personal strengths and address any limitations. Each workshop was supported with on-line pre and post workshop reading, which participants accessed via log- ins. In this way, each workshop was contextualised and expanded through self-directed exploration. All participants who completed the programme submitted assignments to work towards an ILM Level 3 Award in First Line Management. This Award was specially designed to give practising or aspiring first line managers a solid foundation in their normal development as a manager.

3) Coaching

Group and individual coaching sessions supported the programme participants, with a focus on practical application of the management techniques presented in the workshops. The Parity coaches facilitated problem- solving discussions and enabled participants to share their experiences and learn from each other.

Final outcomes.

All participants passed the IML Level 3 qualification, two participants moved into senior management positions during their time on the programme and several others have significantly enhanced their capability, such that they will be in contention for new positions as they arise.

The final evaluation, in terms of behaviours and competencies indicates a high level of improvement across all areas, both from the participants and their mentors’ perspectives.

The outcomes achieved by this programme provided significant evidence to support the running of a second cohort beginning. The impact on those participating and in turn the increase in their contribution to the organisation, combined with a more streamlined approach to attraction and recruitment should yield significant benefit to new participants and their host departments.

Why Parity.

Bringing over 20 years’ experience of successfully attracting, recruiting and developing managers, Parity Professionals worked with B/E Aerospace’s Human Resources and Operations teams to co-create and deliver the ‘Step Up’ Programme. The programme was carefully crafted to deliver real competitive advantage to B/E Aerospace by enhancing the capacity, capability and competence of participants. Parity Professionals worked in close partnership with B/E Aerospace’s Human Resources and Operations teams throughout the programme in pursuit of the desired objectives.


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