Specialising in finance.

Whether it is London’s established name as a global Fintech capital, or Edinburgh’s rising star as a leading finance hub, the UK’s finance sector is growing at an exponential rate. With in-demand skills ranging from Blue Prism, UiPath to Automation Anywhere, businesses are under more pressure than ever before to recruit the right people to help increase profits or streamline operations. 

For a number of years, Parity has established a reputation for successfully sourcing high calibre candidates for roles in the finance sector. Our in-depth knowledge means we understand the importance of qualifications and experience needed to work in the finance sector, which is why we dedicate time to screening and assessment, offering you that extra assurance. 

Also, our long-established expertise in the finance sector means our clients depend on us to provide advice on current market conditions, salary expectations and how to stand out from their closest competitors.