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Behavioural Assessment.

Whether it is the cost of a bad hire impacting on potential earnings or an ineffective leader draining team morale, issues relating to people can have a dramatic and detrimental impact on a business.

Behavioural assessments can provide a true understanding of the people who make up your business, enabling you to make any necessary adjustments to their development and overall experience working for you.

While traditional performance evaluations allow business to look back at an employee’s achievements, a behavioural assessment helps employers to predict future performance by highlighting strengths and any long and short term developmental needs. 


For more insights into our thoughts on the challenges in leadership, download our Change Management thought piece.

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Why choose Parity.

We want you to make decisions relating to your people that are based on data rather than simply observation. That is why our behavioural assessment solutions provide detailed information on employees as to how they are expected to behave in a certain position or situation.

This enables you to anticipate and plan for any issues before they become a problem by providing real data on key motivations, expectations of the current role and workplace and how they might adapt in the face of change, either as a member of the team or a leader of one.

Our behavioural assessment solutions include

  • Behavioural interviewing and assessments
  • Feedback questionnaires
  • Assessor training

To find out more about how our behavioural assessment solutions can benefit you and your business, get in touch with the Learning & Development team at Parity Professionals today.

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